Veteran, Business Leader and Professor Christopher Stone (R – Manassas) Announces Campaign for the 13th House of Delegates District

Manassas, VA – Veteran, Business Leader and Professor Christopher Stone (R – Manassas) announces Campaign for the 13th House of Delegates District

The following statement can be attributed to Christopher Stone (R – Manassas):

“Over the past year, citizens of the 13th district faced the challenges posed by a global pandemic, threats to livelihoods from government overreach, cancel culture, and the erosion of quality education in our schools. Instead of addressing these issues, politicians in Richmond voted to restrain our police officers; reduce penalties for violent crimes against adults and children; and advanced radical “cancel culture” upon society. It’s time for this abuse of government power to stop and move Virginia forward. As your next Delegate, I will get Virginia businesses and schools open again, return quality education to schools, and strengthen public safety.”


Christopher Stone is a father, husband, decorated veteran, former business executive, graduate-level professor and public policy leader running to serve Virginia’s 13th District in the House of Delegates. Stone has served as an Air Force officer in regular, reserve and National Guard for over 17 years. He has led strategy and planning efforts supporting military commanders in the Pentagon, Pacific, Europe and the Middle East in the Global War on Terror. In addition, as a National Guard officer he also has served as a domestic contingency planner for such situations as natural disasters, pandemics, and civil unrest.

Christopher has served on the staffs of two United States Senators and as a Presidential appointee in the Department of Defense, while advising senior leaders in the Department of Energy, Commerce, and State.

As a business executive, Christopher served first as the Executive Director of a municipal chamber of commerce, building and sustaining local businesses during the 2008-9 Great Recession. In 2009, he moved to Northern Virginia as Vice President of a firm supporting senior government officials in both Republican and Democrat administrations and numerous domestic and international organizations.

Christopher lives in Manassas with his wife Barbra, their two children, and their golden retriever, Titan.