As a graduate level professor, Christopher understands the values of a good education and as a delegate, will ensure that our schools and colleges provide the best education for our children. Like many parents in Virginia, Christopher and his wife are frustrated with public school closing and the drop off in quality of learning since moving to mostly online formats. It is Christopher’s priority to fight for students by opening schools right away and ensuring that our children are receiving a quality education by leaving the educational decisions up to parents and teachers. The General Assembly must ensure that all Virginia schools have the resources they need to be successful.

During his National Guard service, Christopher led a planning group for a state level pandemic response plan. Christopher has the experience and leadership needed right now to ensure we recover successfully from the COVID-19 pandemic. His experience will also help us prepare Virginia’s Department of Health and Emergency management should we face another similar situation in the future. Like most Virginians, Christopher has been shocked at the government overreach and failures from Governor Ralph Northam’s office and career politicians. These politicians are more concerned about polarizing the issue, than offering solutions. Christopher will push for an aggressive vaccine rollout; open schools and businesses safely; and protect the most vulnerable in our society- while simultaneously safeguarding our constitutional rights.

COVID-19 has created numerous challenges for our local economy. We must reopen and begin the road to recovery. As a seasoned business executive and former leader of a municipal chamber of commerce, Christopher has a proven record of guiding his local economy through a recession. Small businesses and their employees are beyond suffering and we must get Virginia working again. Virginia’s economy flourishes when politicians and the government steer clear and allow the free market to work unhindered. As your Delegate, Christopher will slash red tape, enable businesses to operate freely, and restore our economy to the pre-COVID boom.

Improving Northern Virginia’s commute times, traffic, and transportation infrastructure will be a top priority for Christopher in the legislature. Christopher, like many others in the District, commutes between Manassas and the DC area daily. Therefore he understands how vital a modernized, affordable, and safe transit infrastructure is to keeping our economy moving. Christopher will support and work to ensure a sustainable, affordable, and effective transportation system in Northern Virginia.

Christopher’s dad was a state trooper who nearly lost his life on several occasions while on duty serving his community, so he intimately understands the dangers our law enforcement officers face daily. In order for families to live in a safe and secure Commonwealth, our law enforcement must be fully funded and equipped to protect and serve. Lately, too many in Richmond have demonized our police, called to defund them, and made our neighborhoods less safe by removing minimum sentences for violent crimes. Virginians deserve better. Christopher will fight back against these weak policies and seek to restore law and order for the safety and security of Virginia’s citizens.

Christopher has served in uniform as an Air Force active duty, Reserve, and National Guard officer for 17 years and counting. As a decorated veteran of the Global War on Terror, Christopher understands the trials and strains placed upon our nation’s guardians of freedom over the past twenty plus years. We need to honor veterans’ sacrifice by providing resources and aid to ease their transition from combat into civilian life. Christopher believes Virginia’s Department of Veterans Services should be given the resources to provide the support and encouragement that Virginia’s heroes deserve. Christopher will always be a champion for those who have answered our nation’s call to serve.

As a husband and father of two, Christopher knows how important quality and affordable healthcare is to Virginia families. Christopher believes that healthcare is a private matter that should only involve patients and their doctors, not career politicians and government bureaucrats. In Richmond, Christopher will fight to lower drug prices, enable citizens to access insurance across state lines, expand health saving accounts, and restore families’ freedom to determine their own health care choices- including protecting people with pre-existing conditions.